Transport DAC

To build this DAC was my personal victory. It combines great sounding Wolfson WM8741 chip, digital signal buffer, Logitech Squeezebox Duet modified main PCB with external clocks, Lampizator tube output stage with 6N16P tubes powered with tube power supply. Here I discovered how glamorous the music with tubes can be. The sound was so unforgettable so there was no way back. 

DAC as well as Squeezebox have dedicated regulated PSU with own transformers. Straight way of signals from DAC to buffer without any resistors. As I mentioned buffers was fet from dual mono tube supplies. 

This project showed me many pitfalls during assembling but I tought many about tubes and digital signals. 

If you are planning or just doing similar projects and you have any questions please contact me I can help you. 

Enjoy crystal clear sound of tubes 🙂