AC Filter























New option: You can choose any color of chassis you want… Free of charge


I present to you hand made AC filter called “CORE”. 

The main gist of power line filtering is known to everyone: to remove radio frequency interference. And this device do its job very well. And what is even better this device is also equipped with phase switch for every outlet – four in total. 

You can simply choose outlet type used in your country. You can opt “German” or “French” SCHUKO, UK type, US on request. 





  • PI CLC filter with big ferrite ring choke for every outlet

  • Phase switching  – rocker switches are for user invisible – placed underneath of the case, very easy operation

  • Used 2,5 mm solid core of copper for live and neutral conductors, 4 mm solid core for earth conductors

  • Main power switch with led light

  • Veridian Utopia logo on aluminium front panel