Sirius DAC

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 A long-awaited balanced DAC is available for sale.

Please let me introduce the latest family member – Sirius Digital to Analog Converter

It was born as son of Excellence DAC and its main features are:

  •  brand new Dual AD1865 R2R isolated NOS board together with signal tube buffer to provide short digital signal paths (you can choose 6111 tube or noval ECC84 tube)

  • PCM 192 kHz engine, DSD support soon

  • huge balanced tube output stage with improved layout for ensuring the purest DC for tubes

  • brand new PSU for DAC board

  • ENIG gold plated traces for all boards

  • front rotary input selector with active input indicating led (no more rear switches)

  • up to 5 digital inputs (USB, Spdif, Toslink, Aes + one additional input)

  • new filtering chokes for anode PSU

  • manual Stand-by mode

  • Amanero USB board

  • Balanced XLR outputs + RCA



  • Silicon diode rectifiers instead of tube rectifier

  • Choke or resistor filtering

  • Output capacitors

  • Input capacitors

  • Volume control

  • Oscon update (where possible)

  • Pure silver wirin

  • Direct digital signal – no signal buffer used

Power supply capacitors








Volume control possible (for extra fee)

115/230 V operation

As always custom order possible


Sirius DAC can be modified as only SE DAC not balanced. For this option please contact me, i can offer you better price.























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