GM70 Tube Amplifier

Here it is! Fabulous, musical, powerful, heavy weight tube amplifier – GOLEM  GM70. 


This super engine I finished two years ago. Detailed wiring diagram is confidential. However I can write some specifications:

  • GM70 tubes

  • ECC88 and 6N6P tubes for signal input/driver section 

  • Small tubes powered with tube PSU using Ogonowski superb chokes

  • GM70 anodes works on 900 V rectified with 5C8S rectifier tubes with dedicated heater transformers

  • Single ended triode operation

  • Pure class A

  • Zero feedback

  • Power 22 WPC

  • Ogonowski filtering chokes 

  • Ogonowski output transformers, impedance 8 Ohms

  • TAIV VC03 R2R volume controller with input selector (4 analog inputs in total)

  • Chassis completely designed by me, also work with application of heat resistant paint 🙂

  • 50 kg net weight 🙂


Now I use it as my reference amplifier. I do not need no other amplifier during rest of my life. It sounds so good.